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*Note: New clients for one-on-one consultations are not being accepted at this time.

Rasayana Ayurvedic Consultations

Diet & lifestyle tools for health and well-being

The goal of an Ayurvedic consultation is to help you find effective ways to restore balance and reestablish calm, while harmonizing with the rhythms of nature. Support your overall health using tools from the Ayurvedic system, including diet, lifestyle, and bodywork recommendations, the use of medicinal herbs, and a daily self-care regime for your personal constitution (dosha).  The Ayurvedic consultations at Rasayana are comprised of a combination of (4) components:

A - AssessmentAn in-depth, one-on-one lifestyle and diet assessment with a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor.  Past and present health patterns and concerns will be identified via a detailed (and lengthy) health history and components of a brief physical examination, including the pulse, tongue, eyes, and nails.  Doshic imbalances will be identified and a custom-tailored "Adaptation Plan" will be designed for you to follow over the next several months.

P - PlanA custom-tailored plan designed by a certified Ayurvedic consultant making  clear suggestions about specific Ayurvedic practices to adopt, including daily self-care routines, food choices, yoga and pranayama techniques, meditation and movement practices, bodywork, massage, and/or medicinal herbs. This plan enables you to work within your current lifestyle, while simultaneously adapting it.

S - SupportOngoing, intermittent guidance offering crucial support during the execution of your Adaptation Plan, all while holding you ultimately responsible for the changes you seek.  Available via email, Skype, or telephone.

F - Follow UpA single, 45-minute session for existing or former clients, to address follow up questions, needs, and maintenance work regarding their Adaptation Plan.  Available as an office visit, via Skype, or telephone.

As insurance companies catch up on recognizing holistic approaches to health, Rasayana recognizes the out-of-pocket expenses associated with these services and is proud to offer discounted bundle packages and a "pay-as-you-go" feature for its (3) three and (6) six month Lifestyle Consulting Plans - making the average daily cost under $4.  That's cheaper than my chai latte at Deisel Cafe!  So the next step is up to you.  Review the bundle offers and their benefits, take a look around the website, watch a few videos on Rasayana's YouTube channel.  And please, contact me with any questions.  -Kris 

The Pilgrim

Spanning over the course of (6) six months, this bundle offers the greatest results and long-term benefits of Ayurveda.  It addresses chronic or frequent health concerns for those who are ready and able to commit time, effort, and resources for transforming their overall health and wellbeing.  Includes a 90-minute  initial assessment and planning session and monthly follow ups,  allowing for increasly refined iterations of assessment and planning, along with ongoing guidance and support.  Benefits include early registration and priority seating for educational workshops, and  a 15% discount on massage and bodywork treatments with pre-payment of your active plan.

The Seeker

Spanning over the course of (3) three months, this bundle is best for those already in good health with a balanced mind-body practice, who are interested in an initial 90-minute Ayurvedic assessment and planning session, then prepared to incorporate their adaptation plan more autonomously, with monthly follow ups. Also recommended for those who already have some experience with Ayurveda or for former clients who are looking for assistance to address a new concern.  Benefits include early registration and priority seating for educational workshops, and a 10% discount on massage and bodywork treatments with pre-payment of your active plan.

The Sage

A single, 45-minute session for current or former clients only, to address follow up issues and maintenance work from a previously completed plan.  Benefits include a 10% discount on Rasayana's custom-made massage oils and retail products.  Not available for new clients.   

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