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Individual Assessments

New clients are accepted on a case-by-case and/or referral basis.

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The goal of Rasayana's Ayurvedic consultations is to help committed professionals who prefer the privacy of one-on-one work, identify their unique mind-body type (dosha) and specific habits or areas of their life causing an imbalance in overall health and well-being.    

Working from where you're at, with what you've got, in the time you have,  I'll give you daily self-care regimes for your personal constitution, make suggestions on which Ayurvedic bodywork treatments or yogic breathing techniques (pranayama) are appropriate, and offer specific recommendations regarding diet, sleep, and exercise routines for you to implement on your own.  When appropriate, short-term use of Ayurvedic herbs are considered once behavioral compliancy with lifestyle and habits have been established.  Only when the correct habits have been established, will the intelligence and power of the plants be helpful.

Individual consultations at Rasayana are comprised of (3) components:

Assessment Past and present health patterns and concerns will be identified via a detailed (and lengthy) Ayurvedic Health Counseling Form completed prior to your session.  After reviewing the information, a brief physical examination, including the pulse, tongue, eyes, and nails will be performed and doshic imbalances will be identified during your session. You remain clothed for the exam.

Adaptation PlanA custom-tailored plan, making  clear suggestions about specific Ayurvedic practices to adopt, will be discussed in detail. Over the course of the following 4-8 weeks, you'll implement them autonomously in your daily life and practice, practice, practice.  All recommendations are given with consideration of your current lifestyle, while also giving you space to simultaneously adapt it.  Be patient! It takes time to revolutionize your habits and repetition to see results! 

Follow UpA single, 45-minute session for existing or former clients, to address follow up questions, needs, and maintenance work regarding their Adaptation Plan.  Available as an office visit, via Skype, or telephone.

So the next step is up to you. Take a look around the website, watch a few videos on Rasayana's YouTube channel.