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From Rogi to Yogi:

Using Ayurveda, Yoga, and Massage for Steady Energy Levels

Rogi to Yogi is Rasayana's 12-week signature program for professionals, looking for natural ways to boost energy levels, enjoy steady stamina, and complete what is necessary with less effort and more clarity.

Yoga has flourished around the globe and established a worldwide presence.  Generally, we all know it’s an accessible, effective means of pain or stress and anxiety management.  But beyond the local studio, low back pain or tight hamstring, our modern digital world has us demanding a better quality of life and more energy to live it.  

The acceleration in the number of experiences we have in a given day are simply too much for us to digest.  From the latest personality quiz on social media - Are you a Jerk, Pushover, or Perfectly Assertive?  (I’ve been all 3.) - to the threat of nuclear war and natural disasters. From the list of Senators to call, to what should be on our grocery lists. We’ve got a lot vying for our attention and it’s exhausting. 

Kris traveling in Munnar, India (2009)

Dear Wisdom Seeker,

If you’re reading this, then you already know about the mind-body connection (and have even made a few of your own!).  You love the exchange of ideas,  values, and traditions of other cultures. You know that along with mind and body, there’s also got to be spirit and soul in your medicine.

But the daily grind of work, home, and world matters has hijacked your ability to enjoy steady energy levels. You try to eat healthy and get the right exercise, yet the the next emergency demands your attention.  Along with it, the steady stamina and clear thinking for other pursuits. You become what the classic texts of Yoga and Ayurveda call a rogi, or the person plagued by  ill-health.

Being a rogi means you need more vitality.  More clarity. More space...to digest the sensory overload coming at you from all directions.  So you can get done what’s needed, to get to the things you love.  

You want to…

Reclaim your time…

Have energy at the end of the day to pursue other hobbies and interests…

Improve the quality of time you spend with loved ones...

Fall asleep easily and wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed, and alert…

You want to strengthen your libido…

Enjoy a healthy weight without becoming obsessed with food…

Experience improved memory and concentration…

Reduce allergy flare ups and pain…

Strengthen your immune system…

Enjoy steady blood-sugar levels and moods…

Finish  your “to do” lists more quickly and efficiently, with less effort…

Feel alive, engaged, and connected to your Life Force Energy and that of the world around you…

Develop your resilience for when life’s hard knocks inevitably come…

The problem is:

You are faced with daily evidence that life is full of adversity and pain; that being willing to feel good all the time,in the face of all the world’s bad, is genuinely a radical act.  There are only twenty-four hours in a day and examining the source of what’s going wrong (and what it will take to go right), takes time.  Which everyone seems to be short on and competing for.  Leaving you feeling stretched-out, over-committed, irritable, and so tired that you miss out on your own life experiences...while the world misses out on the best expression of you. 

Don’t ask what you can do for the world. Ask what makes you come alive. 

Because what the world needs more of, is people who have come alive.”

- Howard Therman, theologian

I invited Kris to speak at my Intercultural communication class, while exploring a thematic unit dealing with cultural differences in health care practices, including the origins, treatment, and prevention of disease. She clearly sees teaching as personal and interactive. She is not the 'sage on the stage' but rather a 'guide on the side' who helps students explore issues with honesty, sensitivity, and imagination - issues that encourage development of the whole self and unite body, mind, and spirit.

-P. Gardner, Professor (Berklee College of Music, Boston)

I come back, again and again, to this extraordinary woman and her extraordinary work. I

am very familiar with Ayurvedic healing modalities, and Kris is among the very best I

have ever worked with. The atmosphere is lovely; she is very good about prefacing the

work with the right questions so she knows exactly what to do...I would recommend this

highly to anyone, and have to all I know.

- Eve S. (Cambridge, MA)

"I am so grateful for Kris.  I've had abhyanga and shirodhara in England, India, Austria etc.

  I can't quite describe it, but in both sessions I felt that she had a real intuition, a great

sense of compassion and respect for my body.  I have post traumatic stress disorder and

after two sessions I haven't needed my Atavan, experienced a single flashback, and my

nightmares have reduced greatly.  Kris and her treatments really give me hope, that

combined with my current therapy, I can be free of PTSD and body dysmorphia. I didn't

think it would be such a large piece of my healing."     

-P.P. (Cambridge, MA)

Six months ago, my daughter and I visited Kripalu in Lennox MA for Healing Arts therapy.

 An amazing experience that led us to search for Ayurvedic treatments closer to Boston.

We found it in Rasayana's beautiful space. Kris Quinones is very gifted. I am grieving a

major loss and was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis in my thoracic spine, leaving

me emotionally raw to say the least. Kris understood. She took time to discuss my health

issues and recommended treatment along with a plan moving forward...For the first time

in months, I slept like a baby and woke rejuvenated. Two days have passed and my body

continues to feel supple with unblocked energy flowing. My daughter received

Shirodhara and Abhyanga bodywork. Her experience was rich as well.  We are thrilled to

have found Kris. I highly recommend Rasayana and look forward to experiencing more of

her many Ayurvedic treatments. We are very lucky to have her in our area!


-Jen S. (Boston, MA)

I can't tell you how much better I felt overall, what a nice complement it was to the

cleanse I was doing.  I went home and the next several days it was like my crown chakra

was just wide open.  I felt so light, connected, eager for life, full of possibilities!


-A. Wilson (Somerville, MA)

I have embarked on a series of deep tissue massage treatments with Kris for a specific

focus related to a sports injury.  I’ve seen her twice now and have been very favorably

impressed with both her skill and her level of knowledge and direct experience in the

anatomy of my injury and the challenges of my recovery...She has proven to be an

excellent diagnostician and thoughtful in terms of matching provider skills to client


 -J. Hodges (Somerville, MA)

As a former rogi, I know exactly how you feel.  My professional career in medicine started in 1997 as a research and orthopedic assistant to several Boston-area surgeons. I was an anatomy geek and competitive martial artist, ready to prove I could win at anything.  My hours were stretched between the do-jang, the ortho clinic, the operating room, and building my CV for my own application to medical school...working twice as hard as my male counterparts to prove I deserved to be there at all.   

I put up with ungrateful patients, migraine-inducing hospital protocols, surgeons with elephant-sized ego’s, and then...after years of “paying my dues” in Boston hospitals and clinics, I was rejected by all the medical schools I applied to.  

Ironically, I’m not sure I cared anymore.  My body was always tired, requiring multiple hits on on the snooze button to drag out of bed at 7:30a.m.  (after a solid 8 hours of sleep!).  I was short on patience and sharp with my words.  Morning breakfast was a cup of coffee and a cigarette.  Lunch was a quick salad or sandwich and dinner was pork chops with bangers and mash.  I suffered from chronic sinus infections and relentless cold sores as my hot-blooded, competitive approach to living was burning bridges left and right.  

An injury at the 1999 Boston International Karate Championships was the cannon that stopped me.  

A tear in my hip labrum shed light on a congenital condition (dysplasia) I never knew I had, and  *poof* just like that, I went from a competitive athlete to an MRI-waving MD telling me I’d be lucky to make it to age 30 without needing a bilateral hip replacement. His frankenstein-like (o-kay, my words not his) surgery where my pelvis would be sawed in half, repositioned, and “put back together again” was another option down the road.  With any luck and lots of physical therapy, I might be able to walk “a little longer”.

I cried for two days, envisioning midlife on in a wheelchair.  

I chose a lesser-invasive surgery, a long prescription of PT, and an invitation to a tiny yoga studio in Rye, NH for a 1-hour class that turned into a 17+ year personal practice and self-healing journey.  My hips got strong and so did my spirit.  

I applied my knowledge of Orthopedics and went back to school to become a licensed clinical massage therapist.  Two years later, a chance massage treatment while traveling in Mexico piqued my interest in Ayurveda - the traditional medical system of India based on natural methods and nature’s rhythms.

I’ve spent over a decade and invested tens of thousands of dollars in professional trainings with medical doctors, shamans, vaidyas (Ayurvedic physicians) and yogis, dedicated to holistic self-healing both here in the United States and abroad in India. I’ve been oiled up in a panchakarma clinic and humbled by a hive of bees while hiking the Western Ghats.  I rolled out my yoga mat, rolled up my sleeves, and dug deep into what the yogis had to say about living mi vida loca.  


My relationship with my family is the strongest and happiest I can ever remember…

I wake up naturally between 5:00 - 5:30 a.m. feeling alert, relaxed, and rested…

I enjoy a career doing something I feel passionate about...

I rarely get sick…

My cold sores are a thing of the past…

I samba, swing, and jive as a ballroom dance competitor…

I feel ALIVE and CONNECTED thru Ayurveda, Yoga, and massage, and I created From Rogi to Yogi to give you a boost in energy and the steady stamina to feel alive and connected too.

Now let’s get to work!  Vamos!

During my 12-week signature system, you can expect to learn specific practices in my personal daily life that are going to help you re-engineer your life, rewire your brain, and reboot your body’s natural rhythms.  All so you can focus more clearly, sleep more deeply, and have the energy and stamina to complete what you must, as well as do what you want in life, with maximum joy.

You’re going to simplify your life and wade deep into the waters of self observation and self healing.  

There may be a few tears, some sweat, and a little tough love, but YOUR LIFE MATTERS and there are no shortcuts.  Cultivating sustainable self-care skills creates an easeful and upbeat attitude in life.  It crushes cravings.  It creates fewer allergy flare ups and less anxiety or depression.  It lets us see further into the future without the weight of dread.  It manages our weight, our moods, our ability to show up for ourselves...and for each other.

Some key concepts I’ll be teaching you in From Rogi to Yogi include…


Vedic approaches are somewhat like Goldilocks.  The same bowl of porridge couldn’t satisfy all three bears, so why would it work for Goldi?  Emphasizing relation to self is a key concept in Ayurveda and by understanding your unique mind-body type (dosha), your journey to self healing will be more effortless and effective.  You can’t know where you’re headed to if you don’t know where you’re starting from.


Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as being a “night owl” and having a good day starts with a good night’s sleep beforehand.  You’ll pinpoint the contributive factors to your lack of quality ZZZ’s and start conditioning your biorhythms with that of the natural world using ancient routines and recipes along with modern life hacks.  Wake up without an alarm clock!


Armed with some knowledge of anatomy and kinseology, diminish pain and enjoy a greater freedom in your body using foam rollers and massage balls.  Safely break up scar tissue, shorten recovery time after sport or travel, and apply warm organic oil to stimulate energy points (marma) to improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and manage the “flight or fight” nervous system response to the stressors of daily modern life...all from the comfort of your home or hotel room!


Maximize your body’s capacity to convert raw material into strong tissue and sustained energy.  Naturally crush food cravings and manage a steady weight, mood, and blood-sugar level without the need to starve yourself.   Eliminate poor food combining which leads to gas, bloating, and constipation. Turn your body into a fat-burning machine.


Safely manipulate the depth and pattern of your breathing to effectively manage stress, chronic fatigue, anger, or anxiety.  Combine these techniques with mindful movement in your body, and amplify your capacity for concentration, focus, and pain management (without meds!).  You will learn tips for establishing a home practice, gross and subtle body anatomy,  and train your brain that life is not an emergency.  Find the Force like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.


Study and experience what scientists call the Biophilia Effect, and understand how nature makes us smarter, healthier, and more generous.


Employ healthy boundary-setting and discover the (3) three components to making an effective assertion, so you can take control of your time and your attention.

My attention to detail has always been one of my greatest strengths.  I’m a professional Latina and concerned global citizen with lots of hobbies and interests, so I like to cut to the chase and use my time wisely.  I’ve got a legacy to leave. Here’s how we’ll spend our 12 weeks together:

  • During your complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call, I’ll answer any questions about whether this program and my style is the right fit for you.  When possible, I’ll provide a referral
  • Once you’ve enrolled and paid your deposit, you’ll receive an email with your Welcome Packet and Client Agreement. Simply add your electronic signature to the Agreement, return it, and I’ll give you full access and login information to the from rogi to yogi membership page on Rasayana’s website. This is where you’ll find recommended reading, weekly lessons, workbooks, and pre-recorded Zoom webinars ( 45-75 min. in length), unlocked each week for each of the (10) milestones I’ve mapped out for you.
  • A private Facebook Group provides peer support with like-minded professionals who are also in the rogi to yogi program, looking for more energy and vitality. Studies have shown that peer support and group coaching programs create more accountability and yield better results and have higher success rates, than 1-on-1 coaching models.  Woot! Woot!
  • A two-hour Live group Q&A session with Kris each month provides 1-on-1 coaching for your individual needs. Can’t make it? No worries! They’re recorded and reposted on the membership website for 24/7 access.
  • (3) three MP3 audio recordings of yogic breathing exercises to download onto your mobile device and take with you anywhere in the world!
  • Access to Kris’ personally tested daily lifestyle habits, routines, resources and recipes
  • Members only access to (10) YouTube Instructional videos on Kris’ self-massage techniques

I cannot believe how lucky I am to have Rasayana so close. I have been visiting Kris for

about a year now and have had several treatments - therapeutic massage, abhyanga,

shirodhara, svedana - as well as Ayurvedic consultation. I can honestly say that Kris is

incredibly skilled in all of these things. On top of that, she is a genuinely warm and caring

person. Her positive energy makes her work all the more beneficial. If you have any kind

of pain or discomfort, go see Kris. If you don't have pain but you just want to feel better,

go see Kris. She is worth every penny.

-Anastasia S. (Somerville, MA)

I have had the pleasure to be introduced to Kris by one of my good friends. I saw Kris

multiple times for Ayurvedic massage and healing sessions which were amazing. I also

took her Breath of Relief: Pranayama & Hiking Series in summer 2016.  I absolutely

enjoyed learning from Kris while being in nature. Kris is very intuitive, patient, and very

talented. I always feel completely safe and nurtured in her presence. To add to this

experience, I hired Kris to be my personal yoga trainer for several sessions to deepen my

practice and get back into routine. It was a phenomenal opportunity to have sessions

built entirely based on my physical and emotional needs. I highly recommend Kris and

her practice. Whatever service you decide to choose you will not be disappointed.

- Maria S. (Somerville, MA)
My husband and I have been going to Kris for massages for a few years now. She is an outstanding massage therapist, who knows exactly how to balance ancient Indian Ayurvedic methods to suit your body's unique needs to ultimately heal, comfort and uplift you holistically. Kris is patient, well-trained and very detail oriented! 
-S.G. (Cambridge, MA)

I credit Kris with relieving some severe sciatica and associated problems, allowing me to

join my spring hockey season.  She has a great sense of what makes up an injury - my

sciatica left me with several - and honed right in on critical spots without much if any

advice from me during sessions.  If I ever have any other injury which might need such

therapy, I'll go to Kris.

-Sean D. (Mid-Cambridge, MA)

From Rogi to Yogi

Using Ayurveda, Yoga, and Massage

for Steady Energy

Complimentary 30 min. Discovery Call ($55 value)
 (12) Weekly pre-recorded Webinars ($540 value)
 (12) Weekly workbooks ($900 value)
 (3) 2-hour Live group Q&A sessions with Kris ($600 value)
 (3) 20-min. MP3 Audio recordings of yogic breathing techniques for download ($20 value)
 Members only access to Kris’ personal resources, tools, vendors, and favorite recipes ($100 value)
 Members only access to Kris’ (10) YouTube instructional self-massage videos ($500 value)
  Total Value: $2,715

“Things may come to those who wait,

but only the things left by those who hustle.” -Abraham Lincoln

*Pay Only $2,395
If You Commit During Your
Complimentary Discovery Call!


PLUS, I’ve got some freebies to help sweeten the deal.  Who doesn’t like freebies?!

1. My 1-hour mp3 audio recording of a hip opening & strengthening yoga sequence, that’ll be sure to bring some needed ground control to your hectic life. ($20 value)

2.  My recipe for an all natural bug spray using essential oils. ($50 value)

3.  My original eNews article, Favorite Essential Oils and Why I Use Them

4.  My original 5-part eNews series, Atlas Injured: Allopathic & Ayurvedic Perspectives on Back Pain

5.  My original 2-part eNews series, A Bone to Pick: Allopathic & Ayurvedic Perspectives on Osteoporosis and Bone Health

Once you’ve registered for the program and returned your signed Client Agreement, you’ll get a confirmation email with details on membership log-in and the private Facebook Group.  You’ll be on the train out of rogi-ville to the land of sustained energy and Stamina.  So you can get out there in the world and enjoy what you love.

Do not confuse desire with determination.  

Dearly wishing for something is not the same as being dead serious about accomplishing it.

Only when an idea changes to a concrete goal - with a specific action plan - will things start to happen

From Rogi to Yogi is a program I’ve very proud of.  It’s a culmination of my personal training, trials and tribulations over the last 20 years, delivered with high professional standards of care.  It’s a specific, no-nonsense, no-excuses, action plan and declaration of a better quality of living.  So you can have the energy and stamina to get done what’s needed, and then get to the things you want, with more clarity and ease.

No woo woo magic potions.  No need to abandon your personal religious beliefs.  No bull.

The yogi’s from 5,000 years ago were serious about understanding how to extend life and feel great while doing it.  They’ve codified and passed down the systems of Yoga and Ayurveda for thousands of years, and systems that don’t work, don’t last.  

I’m a firm believer that we create our realities from our thoughts and from our habits.  I also know how hard it can be to change habits - especially when trying to go at it alone.  But when we take responsibility for our learning, believe our work here is not done, and team up with other like-minded people, that’s when magic can happen and create long-lasting change.

My promise to you goes beyond chanting and stretching.  I promise to hold you accountable, give you clear instructions, inspiration, and share stories from my personal journey so you can get back to the business of living fabulously.  All while keeping you safe and comfortable from the privacy of your own home.

From Rogi to Yogi is perfect for…

Professional women and men feeling too wiped out after work for anything else…

Ages 30-55, a time of life Ayurveda considers the most productive and transformative…

Those wanting natural approaches to health without the side effects of medication…

Those who believe spirit and soul are as important as mind and body...

From Rogi to Yogi is NOT for…

Anyone with a serious or terminal health condition…

Those struggling with addiction or eating disorders…

Someone suspicious of or skeptical about traditions from other cultures…

The lazy...

I am not interested in convincing you these methods work.  I’m living proof that it’s possible to learn a different way of living (even when working full time!) so you can experience your life with less pain, more clarity and energy, and stable stamina.  The proof is in the pudding.  Do the work and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.  

The true gifts of yoga are only experienced by those with the discipline to practice it every day.  Only when we begin to practice, will true transformation occur.

- Swami Kripalu
Your alternative is to continue the grind of daily life as it’s been, and be vulnerable to chronic fatigue, compromised immunity, and poor mental health.  That’s doesn’t sound like living to me.

Frequent Q&A’s…

Q:  Does the program recommend or use herbs?

A: Rogi to Yogi emphasizes the medicinal power of culinary herbs and spices. Undervalued and less popular, perhaps, in our supplement-driven attitude.  Yet, with a little adventure and panache in the kitchen, these flowers, stems, seeds, leaves, and roots  are powerful plant medicine!  

*Note: Traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulas are considered and implemented strictly at Kris’ discretion,  in her personal 1-on-1 consulting office, located just outside Boston, MA.

Q:  I’m vegan and don’t want to eat ghee or dairy.  Do you offer vegan alternatives?

A:   Rogi to Yogi does offer vegan variations of recipes.  Hip, hip hooray!   Because hey, we’ve got to start somewhere.  Ayurveda is just beginning to enjoy the spotlight after Yoga arrived first.  The rub is, it’s a medical system that considers all the Universe creates as potential medicine - sometimes including animal fat, bone, or marrow.  That might be too much to digest right now, I know.  Blech.  So let’s just focus on the tons of other nourishing, plant-centric practices Ayurveda offers and cross that bridge if and when we need to.

Q:  Will this program interfere with my Acupuncture/Reiki/Chiropractic...treatments?

A:  There is no reason it should.  Ayurveda emphasizes a diet and lifestyle focusing around (3) three major pillars in our life: Sleep, Food, and Sex. Rogi to Yogi emphasizes daily habits and rhythms that optimize the body’s ability to benefit from all approaches to healing.  Even those from other systems or traditions.  I’m happy to discuss specific concerns during your complimentary 30-minute Discovery call.

Q:  Do you accept health insurance payments?

A:  Rasayana does not accept assignment of benefits from health insurance companies. Some of my clients offset their financial investment in these out-of-pocket-expenses by setting up a tax-deductible Health Savings or Flex Spending Account with their employer or bank. This requires a little strategic planning and I encourage you to speak with your financial advisor to find a plan that works for you...but it can save you some serious Benjamins at the end of the year. Know what I mean?  

Q:  How long will it take to see results?

A:  That depends entirely upon you, my fellow wisdom-seeker.  The more committed and consistent you are with the assignments, the faster you’ll find results.  A teacher once told me that for every year of imbalance, it may take a month to correct it.  Practice patience.  Remember this is an introduction to the rest of your life with sustained energy.  The secrets are found in the repetition of practice.

Q:  Do you offer any discounts or a payment plan?

A:   You bet!  I want to work with go-getters and give a fast-action discount over $300 buck-a-roos if you enroll during your Discovery Call.  Payment plan options are also available with a 50% deposit