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Structural Massage

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Therapeutic Massage - 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes.  Anatomically specific with a focus on muscular & connective tissue, this massage is the most popular for working out knots and kinks from day to day stress, pregnancy, or injury.  Using any combination of deep tissue, neuromuscular, Swedish, and Ayurvedic massage techniques or medicated oils,  this massage is effective in treating trauma, chronic pain & acute injuries such as whiplash or repetitive strain. Also an excellent compliment to post-surgery recovery, aiding the restoration of restricted movement due to scar tissue.

 If you're looking for a good balance between structural and relaxation work in your sessions, this treatment is for you.  It is recommended once a month for general routine self-care, and every 7-10 days for acute or chronic pain until the treatments goals have been met.  I also recommend waiting at least (24) twenty-four hours after an acute injury before receiving therapeutic massage.

  • Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Marma Massage
  • Swedish Massage

Benefits include:
  • Increased range of motion and improved circulation
  • Reduces pain or tingling/numbness
  • A decrease in stress and anxiety
  • Improved sleep and posture 
  • Reduced post-exercise soreness and fluid retention
  • Relieves chronic tension and prevents injuries that may be caused by stressing unbalanced muscle groups, or by favoring or forcing a tight, painful area.
  • Accelerates the healing process for tendinitis, ligament sprains or muscle strains
  • An improved general sense of well-being and safety
Photo credit:  Liz Linder

Sacred Stone - 90 minutes only.  Unlike stone massages offered at spas, this treatment protocol was developed by Karyn Chabot, BAMS and combines the use of the deep heat from stones, with traditional Ayurvedic principles.  Having first been heated in a warm water bath the stones are applied to your body using as many as (4) four different herbal oils before being positioned on the body - anchoring the first and second chakras (muladhara and svadhisthana).  5-10 lb. sandbags are placed on the hips and crystals are laid out on the remaining chakras as rest of the body is massaged.  Also included is a foot massage with lemon and salt (known for detoxifying the body and removing negative energy) and abdominal massage (to encourage proper elimination).  Especially great for cold, winter months as a full body treatment or as a compliment to seasonal cleansing.  It is contraindicated for high blood pressure or pregnancy.

Benefits include:

  • Providing a deep sense of grounded-ness, pacifying Vata
  • Improved digestion and elimination
  • Relief from persistently tight muscles
  • Balances the two chakras associated with our basic needs for survival:  security/safety and sexuality, providing deep relaxation to the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Reduction in fear and anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Softened callouses
  • Reduced cellulite

Photo credit:  Cara Brostrom

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