The Art of Abhyanga | October 15-18, 2019

Boston Center for Contemplative Practice 

796 Beacon St, Newton, MA 02459 | $945 USD 

A 4-day Master Class with Kris Qunones, LMT, AHC, CYT-500 for professional bodyworkers and massage therapists interested in supporting the world's growing fascination with Ayurvedic massage. Combining manual techniques with Vedic anatomy & physiology, using traditional botanical formulas, case studies, and the latest research on mind-body medicine, this series will bring a new level of skill to your table.

Designed with the busy manual therapist in mind, this hands-on training will outline how lymphatic health and Vedic anatomy and physiology relate to many common issues like chronic pain & inflammation, digestion, and cellular repair. Highlights include:

  •  Learning cultural & clinical context of Ayurveda (then & now)

  •  Understanding form & function of doshas & dhatus

  •  Evaluating dosha imbalance & applying the correct bodywork technique

  •  Building a stable infrastructure to support or scale your business. 

  •  What the yogis had to say about healing

  •  Traditional Vedic mantra

175 Washington St. Suite B11

Winchester, MA 01890

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Kris Quinones