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Become a Rasayana Ambassador

 Ambassadors are invited long-term clients who know, trust, and like me who have been working w/ me for at least 18 months and have demonstrated a consistent commitment to the practice and study of Ayurveda and self-healing.


2. Ambassadors embody the Rasayana brand:

  • Use real-life strategies to manage pain & stress and boost energy. 

  • Are ecologically and socially conscious change-makers

  • Feel drawn to wisdom of ancient teachings of other cultures

  • Respect and value processes

  • Appreciate the value of working with a teacher or mentor

  • Are excited to be part of a group and welcome/help others along the way

  • Are committed to personal development and willing to acknowledge there may be some things they don't know.

  • Are driven to do great work with great people

  • Value an understanding of intellect and character within communities

  • High quality supplies and sustainable, responsible resourcing

3.  Ambassadors:

  • use established networks and relationships to talk about Rasayana in a positive way, increasing brand awareness and sales via word-of-mouth, text, or sharing/commenting on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).

  • are strong and clear communicators w/ excellent verbal and written skills (i.e. vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, syntax).

  • are naturally a strong people person and enjoy helping others

  • represent Rasayana at special events and may participate in a demo or give away.

  • Provide feedback on new products or services.

  • Responds to customer feedback and handling complaints, if any.

  • Acting as a liaison between Kris and potential clients, directing new clients to established resources

  • Contacts current customers to keep them posted on new developments, offers, and improvements.

  • Audit and participate in selected Rasayana's online training program(s) at a 50% discount (value of $1,500 USD).

  • Participates in Zoom web calls, interviews, podcasts, workshops and brainstorming sessions, contributing to promotional campaigns and strategies with their unique experiences, skills, and talents.

  • Requires a minimum 2 year commitment,  2-4 hours weekly depending on the program.

  • Can work from anywhere in the world

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