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Anatomy Drawing

Myo-Roll & Release

This 45-min. practice focuses on gentle movement and stretching, coordinated with foam/ball rolling for self massage & myo-fascial release. Modifications suggested throughout. Appropriate for beginners. Gentle full body stretching each class w/ a specific roll area each week. ($15)

Props Horizontal_preview.jpeg


  • Foam Roller

  • Low chair or stool

  • A set of Therapy Balls.  I use and highly recommend the  YogaTune Up  system, but you can make an alternative using (2) medium-sized, rubber balls such as tennis balls.

  • Long sock (if not using TuneUp balls & tote)

  • Elastic to tie off sock



Can't make it? All classes are recorded and available for registrants for one week.  Must register by 6pm.

Wednesdays 7:00-7:45pm EST

APRIL 1:     Low Leg, Foot, Ankle

April 8:     Hips & Thighs

April 15:    Low Back

April 22:    Shoulders, Forearm, Wrists

April 29:    Chest & Neck

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