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Clear Mind Strong Body

Next Group Begins: May 5, 2021


A year-long, online group life coaching and Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle program.  

Rasayana's online group life coaching and Ayurvedic lifestyle program for eco & socially-conscious women, ready to commit 5+ hours a week to self-study and evolution...with some laughs and lots of "Ah Ha" moments along the way.  Kris shares her passion for achieving peak performance and addressing common health concerns like: weight and pain management, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, autoimmune disease, gut health, depression and anxiety.  

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October 9th - 30th, 2021


3 Weeks


Rasayana's introductory 21-day on-line group coaching and seasonal Ayurvedic detox program.  This is a great way for beginners and experienced yogis alike, to kick-start or reignite a personal Ayurvedic food practice and power up digestion for deep-tissue hydration and cellular repair.  Offered every fall and spring.

Learn how to eat seasonally. Learn how avoid the 3 most common digestive problems.  Turn your body into a fat-burning machine to experience deep calm in the mind.

Clear Mind Strong Body

 3 Launches/Cycles per year

  • JAN 15TH.    

  • MAY 5th  Registration now open

  • Sept 15th  

Annual Pass $7,000

VIP Pass $10,000

Rasayana's online community and year-long group coaching program for eco & socially-conscious women, looking for natural pain relief and the wisdom of yogis' self-healing knowledge to be free from chronic health issues or autoimmune disease and realize their fullest potential . 


Are you ready to wade more deeply into the waters of self-study and evolution with some laughs and lots of "Ah Ha" moments along the way? With candor and care, Kris leads you thru the seasons with no-nonsense strategies for achieving peak performance and radiant longevity in the next chapters of your life.


Calibrate your internal GPS.  Repair damaged tissues. Enhance concentration. Master your time and energy for what matters most.  Hit your targets. 


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