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Which Lessons Are You Lacking For
Your Peak Performance?

1. Ayurvedic Basics

Vedic approaches are somewhat like Goldilocks. Knowing your unique Ayurvedic body type will give you the most direct path to changes that'll work for YOU.

2. Sleep Hygiene

Having a good day starts with a good nights sleep beforehand. Evening routines and early bedtimes will give your body the rest and repair needed to feel recharged all day.

3. Healthy Eating

Establishing an eat/fast cycle and avoiding poor food combinations will stabilize your mood and metabolism.


Pain Management

Self massage reconnects you to your body and downshifts the nervous system for reduced pain and deep sleep.

Self Massage.jpg


Breath-Body Link

Breathing correctly allows energy to move more freely in the body. The mind experiences more calm and clarity so you can think on your toes and not miss a beat.



Time Management

Saying "no" without guilt or feeling selfish liberates you to set boundaries around where your attention and bandwidth go, so you can get back to more of the things you LOVE.


Sensory Management

Strong sense organs make for strong perception in life. Tether yourself to the present moment by tapping into what the senses are telling you, and reduce stress and anxiety from modern-day sensory overload.


Mindset Mastery

Mantra and sound therapy breaks the mind free of sabotaging or self-limiting beliefs so you can hear and recognize your deepest needs or desires. Experience less anxiety and


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