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Hi, I'm Kris

Welcome to Rasayana [Rah-sah-yana], the place for deep repair and rejuvenation. 

I'm a soft tissue expert who helps active adults go into their wisdom years pain-free, with more vitality and zest for life. My community is a bunch of mavericks, explorers, athletes, dancers, scientists, and self-healers.

  • We reverse biological age naturally

  • We gain confidence and freedom from pain or fear

  • We rebound quickly from setbacks

  • We delay or avoid joint surgery. Adios, titanium!

  • We keep our wits with groundbreaking conversations

  • We bring charm into daily living

We play the LONG GAME here.  Let's begin with a free chat to find out what YOUR long game is.


-Kris xo 

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the Alchemy Club

A year long guided journey of transformation and teachings in ancient longevity practices, behavioral science & habit evolution.


Find greater mastery in your space, time, ambition, flow, and strength. Build growth-oriented relationships. Have groundbreaking conversations. 


With fun retreats, specialized bodywork and in-person events, this is a global club of progressive thinkers who want to invest in their future selves now.


Need a reset?  Or a baby step first?


This simple 21-day Ayurvedic seasonal cleanse is for the  beginners and experienced alike. Learn the basics of gut health and clear the brain fog. 



I offer continuing education for wellness professionals and manual therapists interested in providing traditional Ayurvedic detox & rejuvenation treatments into their work.

Our next Garshan/Abhyanga training is November 5 & 6, 2022!


Need a break?

Sacred Abode MeditationAdapted from Energetic Healing by A. Lade
00:00 / 15:42

Take a comfortable seat for 15-minutes and listen to this guided visualization whenever you are in need of some inner strength, support, or love.


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