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Hi, I'm Kris

Welcome to Rasayana [Rah-sah-yana], the place for deep repair and rejuvenation.  I'm a soft tissue expert who helps healthy, active adults move with mastery and ease, pain-free for decades to come.


My community is a group of healthy, active adults, athletes, and artists who want to stand taller, heal faster, and play longer.  ​​

We play the LONG GAME here.  Let's begin with a free chat to find out what YOUR long game is.


-Kris xo 

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the Alchemy Club

Using time-tested and proven methods in tissue regeneration & repair, this year-long master-mind group is where your ability to shape-shift becomes second-nature. 


Based on (4) core competencies (Your Body, Your Boundaries; Understanding Rhythm; Fascia, Bone, and Joint Health; Chronic Pain Relief) we improve athletic performance, eliminate lingering injuries, chronic pain & inflammation, and slow down joint degeneration and the need for invasive surgeries.


We train in transitions, have faster recoveries, and release fear around injuries and aging. 


Our Vibe is social, adventurous, and scientific. 


Need a reset?  Or a baby step first?


This simple 21-day Ayurvedic seasonal cleanse is for the  beginners and experienced alike. Learn the basics of gut health and clear the brain fog. 



I offer continuing education for wellness professionals and manual therapists interested in providing traditional Ayurvedic detox & rejuvenation treatments into their work.


Need a break?

Sacred Abode MeditationAdapted from Energetic Healing by A. Lade
00:00 / 15:42

Take a comfortable seat for 15-minutes and listen to this guided visualization whenever you are in need of some inner strength, support, or love.


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