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I like to offer resources for people at every budget level.  Until you want to invest with me at  more advanced levels, start with these free pre-recorded workshops and tip sheets.  Then request a complimentary Strategy Session to get clear on your next goals and what's getting in the way.

If you're a good fit for one of my clubs, you can apply from there.

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Read Your Body Like a Book:
Ayurvedic Diagnostics for Beginners

Catch and read the subtle cues your mind-body throws out regarding your vitality. Track your tongue, muscles, poop, and pulse to identify emotional and physical inflammation in the earlier stages of pathogenesis. Then get tips on what aligned action to take next and course-correct naturally.

Playing the Long Game:
Ayurvedic Self Massage

Let's discuss the importance of self-massage as a practice in longevity and vitality. Learn when to do it, when not to, what you need, and why you should care.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Ayurvedic Yoga for Heart & Lungs
A moderate yoga class from 2020, emphasizing Ayurvedic theory and activating marma points to support the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Great for COVID long-haulers.

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