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Privacy Policy


At Rasayana, LLC, we respect and protect the privacy of our clients.  Your personal information - including, but not limited to: email address, contact information, or personal health history - is never sold or shared with a third party. Exceptions to this include authorized release of medical records to/from practitioners involved in your care, and authorized release of your email address with subscription to our free eNewsletter created with our trusted source, Aweber.
As part of your participation with Rasayana, you may be asked to answer questions or complete written forms that disclose private health information (PHI). These forms and the PHI they contain are secured in a locked file cabinet in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines. Five years after the completion of your program or treatment at Rasayana, any form containing PHI and your name or other identifying information is destroyed.

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