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Friends & Affiliate Links

As the global demand for Ayurveda continues to grow,  I prioritize relationships with small businesses and vendors who demonstrate responsible sourcing and ethical practices.

These are people and brands I personally know, have used, like, and recommend. 


• Kripalu Yoga & Health Center:

• JIVA Institute of Vedic Studies:

• Boston Ayurveda School:

Chief of Thyroid Surgery @ MEEI - Gregory Randolph, MD, FACS, FACE:

• Colorado Foot & Ankle / Maya Trueman, DPM:

• Dr Vincent Loparco at Rocky Mountain Chiropractic

• Sage Consulting & Apothecary:

• Cambio Yoga Pikes Peak:

• Natural Grocers:

• Latisha Hardy Dance Studio:

• Nexxus Fitness & Performance Training: 

Restore Hyper Wellness / Cryotherapy
. Durasage Personal Saunas



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Robb Walters

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