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Fire Starter
Rasayana's Seasonal Community Cleanse

October 14 - November 4, 2018
21 days

"Agni converts food in the form of energy, which is responsible for all the vital functions of our body. Therefore, Ayurveda considers that Dehagni is the cause of life, complexion, strength, health, nourishment, lusture, oja, teja (energy) and prana (life energy)."  (Cha. Chi. 15/3.)[1]
Ayurveda's gentle 4-step approach to seasonal cleansing is recommended twice a year: Fall and Spring. As the seasons change, so do the micro-organisms in the soil,  benefiting our food's roots and shoots to provide the proper nourishment for the season to come.  
The transition between seasons is a major factor in the formation of disease.
Our power of digestion is the vehicle for deep-tissue hydration and cellular repair.

Fire Starter's simple 21-day Ayurveda program is a great way for beginners and experienced yogis alike, to kick-start or reignite a personal Ayurveda practice.  Benefits include:

Reduced allergies
Improved and consistent energy levels
Balanced blood sugar levels
Curbed food cravings and mood swings
Support a healthy weight
Improved digestion(reduce gas, bloating, constipation, IBS, or colitis)
Support heart health
Clear mental clutter/foggy mind
Your registration includes...

  • A step-by-step 30-page cleanse manual providing timelines, grocery lists, recipes & meal plans, and recommended reading
  • A recorded 45-minute audio lecture providing insight into Ayurveda's perspective on nutrition
  • A private Facebook group (moderated by Kris) gives accountability, inspiration, peer support, and a forum for your questions
  • Bonus LIVE Facebook videos with guest experts
  • A traditional, Ayurvedic detox herbal massage & sweat therapy concluding the cleanse process

 Registration: $495

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