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Understanding the scope of a problem and building the confidence to do or change difficult things drives me to do great work with great people. 


My liberal arts education was committed to developing leaders of conscience and it remains a strong foundation for my personal, spiritual, and professional life now. I believe in the wisdom of ancient traditions and hold space for modern medicine too.  I value a strong work ethic, discipline, and living from a space of deep intuition and exploration.


I believe using [circadian] rhythm and ritual can heal ourselves, our families, and our planet.  I believe I'm my best investment and see value in working with a teacher. I value responsible sourcing and agroforestry practices.  I believe in compassionate candor and community support. 

I believe my experience and training leaves a life-long impact on the people who work with me. I  believe in remaining curious about life and committing to the learning process. 

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Personal Values

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