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John Hodges

Cambridge, MA

"I embarked on a series of rehabilitative work with Kris for a specific focus related to a sports injury and post-operative pain from a hip replacement.  I'm very favorably impressed with both her skill and her level of knowledge and direct experience in the anatomy of my injury and the challenges of my recovery. She has proven to be an excellent diagnostician and thoughtful in terms of matching provider skills to client needs."

    Loni Hubbard

    Stoneham, MA

    "Kris has changed my life and working with her has been well worth the investment.  She is an amazing and talented teacher.  My digestion and mental health has never felt this good."

    N-Hibbard Head Shot.JPG

    Laura Z.

    Boston, MA

    Kris is incredibly knowledgable about these systems and the material covered in the Clear Mind Strong Body curriculum is dense.  I love how I can go back and redo any of the lessons or re listen to her talks. I always feel like a completely different person after I work with her. She's amazing.

    P. Patel

    Cambridge, MA

    "I am so grateful for Kris.  I've had abhyanga and shirodhara in England, India, Austria etc.  I can't quite describe it, but in both sessions I felt that she had a real intuition, a great sense of compassion and respect for my body.  I have post traumatic stress disorder and after two sessions I haven't needed my Atavan, experienced a single flashback, and my nightmares have reduced greatly.  Kris and her treatments really give me hope, that combined with my current therapy, I can be free of PTSD and body dismorphia. I didn't think it would be such a large piece of my healing."

      Man with Helmet

      Jeremy P.

      Cambridge, MA

      I didn't need to reach for my usual daily dose of Claritin and that's nothing short of a miracle. All of the content is high quality, which I really appreciate.

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