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Pro Training: Ayurvedic Massage & Bodywork
 master classes w/ Kris Quinones 

Take any module individually - in any sequence. Proper assessment and treatment construction are at the heart of these trainings - along with cultural sensitivity, specific soft-tissue techniques, and palpation exercises.


Tuition includes CEU's, certificate of completion, pdf handouts and access to demo videos. supporting the world's growing fascination with Ayurvedic massage.  All trainings are in Mountain Time, require a minimum of (3) registrants, and are scheduled per request.   


Tues June 4, 2024

10am - 5pm MTN

one-day virtual, live training

$425 | 5.5 CEUs


Shirodhara & Champi In this ayurvedic bodywork training you will learn the powerful mental health treatment of shirodhara and the traditional Indian scalp massage, champi.  Foundations in Ayurvedic theory, the treatment's purpose, and appropriate modifications informed by anatomy and physiology will be covered.  

Shirodhara is a classic rejuvenation treatment for the mind that synchronizes brain waves by pouring a warmed, medicated substance over the 3rd eye where it flows off the crown of the head. Effective for stilling the mind, soothing the nervous system, and balancing moods and sleep patterns.

Champi is a vigorous scalp massage aiding in glymphatic drainage around the brain, and activating several energy points (marma) on the head along cranial sutures for improving focus and concentration.

***Open publicly to all wellness pros! You do not need to be a massage therapist for this training or to offer it in your communities. It's a wonderful, natural healing therapy for use in mental health and PTSD: therapists, wounded warriors, sleep specialists, bodyworkers, and yoga teachers. $100 referral bonus if  your buddy signs up too!

2-Day In Person Training

TBA 2024

9am - 4pm

Downtown Colorado Springs, CO (In Person)

$425 | 12 CEUs

Garshan & Abhyanga In this ayurvedic bodywork training you will learn the powerful lymphatic massage treatments of garshan and abhyanga.  Foundations in Ayurvedic theory, these treatments' purpose, and appropriate modifications informed by anatomy and physiology will be covered.  

Garshan is a dry brushing of the body using raw silk gloves, exfoliating the skin and stimulating arterial and lymphatic drainage. Known as an ideal preparation for abhyanga.

Abhyanga is a full body, detox & rejuvenation massage using warmed herbal oils specific to the client's constitution or imbalances. It is the hallmark of Ayurvedic massage.  A single therapist treatment is taught.


10am - 5pm

one-day training

$375 | 6.5 CEUs

Basti - Localized therapeutic oil saturations In this ayurvedic bodywork training you will learn 5 variations of the ayurvedic bodywork treatment, basti. This localized, therapeutic application of oil aids in chronic inflammation and pain relief, improving joint mobility, nourishing nerves, discs, and other delicate tissue from degeneration.


Foundations in Ayurvedic theory, this treatment's purpose, and appropriate modifications. Gross & subtle anatomy and physiology will be covered.  

Basti translates to English as 'container', or more literally, 'bladder'.  A warmed, concentrated application of medicinal oil pools on the treatment site and saturates the affected tissues with herbal formulas.  

  • Netra (eye)

  • Kati (spine)

  • Janu (knee)

  • Hrid (heart)

  • Nitamba (hip)

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