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Mind Body Bookclub

Mondays @ The Mae | 6-8pm
Every 6 weeks

Book Shelf

Mind-Body Bookclub | Mondays, every 6 weeks

The Mae on Cascade, 2nd Fl Clubhouse | $20

Come to our monthly-ish book club downtown, celebrating titles about the human experience, health & wellness, and self-empowerment.  If you know me, you know I'm passionate about both books and aging skillfully.


Hang out with me and other bibliophiles and foodies in the clubhouse and get your #learn on. Community meal, sunning, and hot-tub or pool soaking for the first hour,  guided discussion of the selected title and lively dialogue in the second. ​​Main plant-based meal provided, pot-luck sides & bevies.

Our next meet is August 5th and we'll be discussing our  selected title: Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Alchemy Club

Evergreen Enrollment


A monthly membership to my global on-line community of bio hackers, athletes, artists, and self-healers. Includes local in-person events, ceremonies, and retreats. 


Using time-tested and proven methods in tissue regeneration & repair, our ability to shape-shift becomes second-nature.  Over the course of the year, we master (4) core competencies to eliminate lingering injuries, chronic pain & inflammation. We slow down joint degeneration and the need for invasive surgeries. We train in transitions, have faster recoveries, and release fear around injuries and aging. 


Our Vibe is:  Social, Adventurous, and Scientific. 

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Firestarter Club

Offered Fall & Spring
*Enrollment closed at this time


A 21-day pass to my global on-line community of seasonal cleansers, gut healers, surgical candidates, farmer market fans and certifiable foodies.   

This is a great way for beginners and more experienced self-healers, to kick-start or reignite a personal Ayurvedic food practice and power up digestion for deep-tissue hydration and cellular repair.  


We eat seasonally, eat real food, avoid austere fasting, and tap into the medicinal power of simple fresh ingredients combined with your spice rack. 


Learn how avoid the 3 most common digestive problems.  Turn your body into a fat-burning machine to experience deep calm in the mind. Recipes, weekly group coaching calls, and complete workbook with step by step instructions provided.

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