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Alchemy Club - $65/mo. billed monthly after 3 month initial commitment

We’re a group of healthy, active adults, athletes, and artists who want to stand taller, heal faster, play longer, and move with mastery.  


Using time-tested and proven methods in tissue regeneration & repair, our ability to shape-shift becomes second-nature.  Based on (4) core competencies, we  improve athletic performance, eliminate lingering injuries, chronic pain & inflammation. We slow down joint degeneration and the need for invasive surgeries.


We train in transitions, have faster recoveries, and release fear around injuries and aging.  Traditional Ayurvedic detox & rejuvenation bodywork and muscular therapy available for local members.  Our Vibe is:  Social, Adventurous, and Scientific.

Core Competencies 

  1. Your Body, Your Boundaries

  2. Understanding Rhythm

  3. Fascia, Bone, and Joint Health

  4. Chronic Pain Relief

Here's what members get in our special Ayurvedic living & specialized care club.  It's a compilation of my expert knowledge, best teachings, personal moments, and passion for living whole-heartedly and healthy. On every level.  At the core of it, I'm going to coach you through your habits, such that you feel energized, joyful and present to the beauty and magic of life.  

In-Person Synchronistic learning via events, ceremonies, or classes at least 3x's/year:

  • Mind-Body Bookclub & Potlucks (every 6 weeks)

  • Winter Alpine Strong Day Retreat (Ski/Snowboard) - CO.   (February 2025) - members only

  • Ayurvedic Formula-making Masterclass. (November 2, 2024) 9am-6p 

  • Summer SUP & Paddle Day Retreat  (July 20, 2024) - members only


Virtual Synchronistic learning via Zoom:

  • Live 1-hr. Group Laser Coaching Calls and Practice Labs w/ Kris (2x/month), where we practice the habits & techniques of (4) core competencies, overcome obstacles, challenges and poor mindsets. We create a container for accountability with safety, candor, and care. - Mondays @ 9am MTN.

Virtual Asynchronistic learning via member hub

  • 14 pre-recorded lessons in habit evolution, Ayurveda, tissue health & natural pain relief

  • MyoRoll & Release online video library, with (7) done-for-you self myo-fascial release techniques and PNF stretches for specific body areas: Head, Neck, Face, Spine, Thorax, Hips, Pelvis, Pelvis Floor, Legs, Foot.

  • Complete workbook with tips, tracking sheets, meal planners, recipes, and helpful links with recommended books, podcasts, and products.

  • Priority scheduling for massage & bodywork house calls

  • Referral access to Kris' vast network of collaborative physicians, chiropractors, pharmacists, Ayurvedic practitioners, yoga leaders, social worker, and sound therapists.


I maintain the Code of Ethics and standards of behavior set out by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association and the American Massage Therapy Association, and let’s be honest: the best work comes out of great relationships. Honesty, compassion, and care are the keys to a great relationship and as much as legal documents are important, what truly binds me is my drive to do great work with great people.  My personal experience and skills as a licensed massage therapist, Ayurvedic yoga & lifestyle teacher, and competitive athlete inform and leave a strong impact with the people I work with.

Eve S., Somerville, MA

"I come back, again and again, to this extraordinary woman and her extraordinary work. I am very familiar with Ayurvedic healing modalities, and Kris is among the very best I have ever worked with. The atmosphere is lovely; she is very good about prefacing the work with the right questions so she knows exactly what to do...I would recommend this highly to anyone, and have to all I know."

Laura Z. Cambridge, MA

Kris is incredibly knowledgable about these systems and the material covered in the curriculum is dense.  I love how I can go back and redo any of the lessons or re listen to her talks. I always feel like a completely different person after I work with her. She's amazing.

Peter G., Boston, MA

"I invited Kris to speak at my Intercultural communication class, while exploring a thematic unit dealing with cultural differences in health care practices, including the origins, treatment, and prevention of disease. She clearly sees teaching as personal and interactive. She is not the 'sage on the stage' but rather a 'guide on the side' who helps students explore issues with honesty, sensitivity, and imagination - issues that encourage development of the whole self and unite body, mind, and spirit."  

We are a results driven community who believe in our efforts and abilities. We preserve and protect valuable resources for people and planet. YOU SHOULD JOIN US IF... ​   ​ ​ 1. You'll communicate honestly, be open to feedback and assistance and create the time and energy to participate fully in the program. You agree to be open minded and partake in methods proposed.  You are ready to invest more money, time, and attention in your health [r]evolution now. ​ 2. You are responsible for creating and implementing your own physical, mental and emotional well-being, decisions, choices, actions and results.  You know what's best for you. ​ 3. You understand holistic health education is not therapy and does not substitute for therapy if needed, and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorders or medical disease. There may be a few tears, some sweat, and a little tough love, but YOUR WELLBEING MATTERS and there are no shortcuts.  You will be cultivating sustainable self-care skills to create an easeful and upbeat attitude in life.   Because of these self-care skills you'll feel empowered to see further into the future without the weight of dread, and better manage your ability to show up for yourself.....and for those in your world - without the overwhelm and over-commitment that modern life dishes out.

Alchemy Club is ideal for adults (ages 45-65), who… ​ *Like and trust me and are familiar with my work. *Are ecologically and socially conscious change-makers *Are naturally curious and enjoy time outdoors *Feel drawn to the wisdom of ancient teachings and practices from other cultures *Are committed to personal development, and willing to admit there may be some things they don’t know. *Who are interested in Ayurveda's approach to healthy living *Feel out of synch with their body *Suffer from brain fog *Want natural approaches to health without the side effects of medication *Want to re-vitalize their relationships *Appreciate the value of working with a mentor or teacher *Are willing to try new approaches that might be a little outside of their comfort zone. *Are excited to be a part of a group and to be there for others in their own journeys too. *Are willing to spend as much time and energy as possible,  in achieving their next level of health or wellness goals *Are floundering and feeling at the end of their rope, realizing they haven’t been able to figure this out on their own, that they need help and they are willing to receive it. *Believe spirit and soul are as important as mind and body

Alchemy Club is NOT likely to be a good fit for those who... ​Have schedules so packed they'll barely have time to make the calls, let alone do anything in between the calls. This program is heavily based in homework and self-regulation. Are working with a terminal health condition… Struggle with addiction or eating disorders… May be looking for a clergy member or psychotherapist​ Aren't willing to invest at least 5 hours per week to the program... Are not really floundering. They've already got a solid plan that they trust will work and the only reason it hasn’t is simply due to time. If you already have a solid plan, this program will likely just be a distraction. Much better to just work the plan you already have.  Are not open to receiving honest, direct and meaningful feedback on your situation (I don’t say this lightly). If English is not your first language, there is a piece that might feel frustrating for you. Due to the wonders of the internet, there are times when glitches may come in and make my voice less than clear. This is rare but does happen. I do make every effort to speak slowly and clearly, but sometimes I will speak faster than some people can translate in their heads. I know firsthand how exhausting and frustrating it can be to learn and study in a language that isn’t your own. Please know you are so welcome if English isn’t your native tongue but it feels important to shine a light on this.


  • During your complimentary 30-minute Strategy Session, we'll chat about your specific health goals/concerns and how this program (or any other of my services) can best serve you.  If we both feel it's a good fit, you'll be invited to become a client, and/or to enroll in an appropriate program.  When possible, I’ll provide referrals or resources.

  • You’ll receive a Client Agreement shortly thereafter. Simply add your electronic signature to the agreement, return it, and pay your invoice to activate your  monthly membership to the program. You'll then receive  login information to the membership hub on Rasayana’s website, where you’ll find pre-recorded lessons I’ve mapped out for you. 

Frequent Q&A’s… ​ Q:  Will this program interfere with my Acupuncture/Reiki/Chiropractic...treatments? A:  There is no reason it should.  Ayurveda emphasizes a diet and lifestyle focusing around (3) three major pillars in our life: Sleep, Food, and Sex. Alchemy Club emphasizes daily habits and rhythms that optimize the body’s ability to benefit from all approaches to healing.  Even those from other systems or traditions.  I’m happy to discuss specific concerns during your complimentary 30-minute Strategy call. Q:  Do you accept health insurance payments? A:  Rasayana does not accept assignment of benefits from health insurance companies. Some of my clients offset their financial investment in these out-of-pocket-expenses by setting up a tax-deductible Health Savings or Flex Spending Account with their employer or bank. This requires a little strategic planning and I encourage you to speak with your financial advisor to find a plan that works for you...but it can save you some serious Benjamins at the end of the year. Know what I mean?   Q:  How long will it take to see results? A:  For most of my clients with chronic conditions, it truly requires 6, 9, or often 12 or more months of compliancy to see the big kinds of shifts you're looking for.  Identity evolution is not for the weary.  Hence, the year-long membership and and opportunity to repeat the 10-week program in the following two cycles and be guided thru the changes in seasons.    Q:  Do you offer any discounts or a payment plan? A:   While there are no discounts, access to his knowledge is important so I offer a few payment options and financing through MedLoan. For those not paying in full, monthly auto-payments are scheduled to draw directly from your bank account to make it more affordable and accessible.  You can also offset costs by establishing a Health Savings Account with your accountant. Q:  Does the program recommend or use herbs? A: Alchemy Club emphasizes the medicinal power of culinary herbs and spices. Undervalued and less popular, perhaps, in our supplement-driven attitude.  Yet, with a little adventure and panache in the kitchen, these flowers, stems, seeds, leaves, and roots  are powerful plant medicine!  Any mention of medicinal botanicals is purely educational and not a prescription or recommendation. Q:  I’m vegan and don’t want to eat ghee or dairy.  Do you offer vegan alternatives? A:   Alchemy Club does offer vegan variations of recipes.  Hip, hip hooray!    Ayurveda is just beginning to enjoy the spotlight after Yoga arrived on our shores first.  It's a medical system that considers all the Universe creates as potential medicine - sometimes including animal fat, tissue, or marrow for therapeutic benefit.  But if you're veggie or vegan, we'll just focus on the tons of other nourishing, plant-centric & lifestyle practices Ayurveda offers and cross that bridge if and when we need to.   ​

Team Spirit

Sean D., Cambridge, MA

I credit Kris with relieving some severe sciatica and associated problems, allowing me to join my spring training season.  She has a great sense of what makes up an injury - my sciatica left me with several - and honed right in on critical spots without much if any advice from me during sessions.  If I ever have any other injury which might need such therapy, I'll go to Kris.

Portrait of a Beautiful Smiling Woman

Maria S., Somerville, MA

I have had the pleasure to be introduced to Kris by one of my good friends. I saw her

multiple times for Ayurvedic massage and healing sessions which were amazing. I also

took her Breath of Relief: Pranayama & Hiking Series in summer 2016.  I absolutely enjoyed learning from Kris while being in nature. Kris is very intuitive, patient, and very talented. I always feel completely safe and nurtured in her presence. Whatever service you decide to choose you will not be disappointed.

Portrait of an Attractive Senior Woman

Anastasia S., Somerville, MA

I cannot believe how lucky I am to have Rasayana so close. I have been visiting Kris for about a year now and have had several treatments - therapeutic massage, abhyanga, shirodhara, svedana - as well as Ayurvedic consultation. I can honestly say that Kris is incredibly skilled in all of these things. On top of that, she is a genuinely warm and caring person. Her positive energy makes her work all the more beneficial. If you have any kind of pain or discomfort, go see Kris. If you don't have pain but you just want to feel better, go see Kris. She is worth every penny.

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