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Next Session Start: 

April 16th - May 7th, 2024

3 Weeks


Rasayana's introductory 21-day on-line group coaching and seasonal Ayurvedic detox program.  This is a great way for beginners and experienced yogis alike, to kick-start or reignite a personal Ayurvedic food practice and power up digestion for deep-tissue hydration and cellular repair.  Offered every fall and spring.

Learn how to eat seasonally. Learn how avoid the 3 most common digestive problems.  Turn your body into a fat-burning machine to experience deep calm in the mind.

Smiling Girl

Erin R.

I knew my digestion would improve with this cleanse, but I still can't believe how much improvement I experienced in my periods. It's incredible! I didn't know I could have a pleasant, natural cycle until doing Firestarter with Kris. 

Clay Design

Caitlin C.

Firestarter helped me slow down a bit and pay more attention to my habits, especially around food.  The instruction was solid, especially with the pdfs and videos together.  The accompanying workbooks were excellent and the resources and recipes crucial.

Smiling Man

Jeremy P.

I didn't need to reach for my usual daily dose of Claritin and that's nothing short of a miracle. All of the content is high quality, which I really appreciate.

Fire Starter's simple 21-day Ayurvedic Detox is a great way for beginners and experienced yogis alike, to kick-start or reignite a personal Ayurveda practice.  It's always easier (and more fun!) to get to the more advanced practices once your digestion is reset and energy levels are stable.  This group program offers the structure and support for you to gently and safely detox without fasting or calorie restriction.  Just real food and real results.

I personally practice this Ayurvedic regimen at least twice a year - and do another shorter version between Thanksgiving and Christmas - to help me with:

  • Reducing seasonal allergies

  • Improving and maintaining consistent energy levels

  • Balancing my blood sugar level

  • Curbing food cravings and mood swings

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

  • Reducing gas, bloating, and constipation 

  • Having regular, complete, well-formed bowel movements

  • Supporting my heart health

  • Clearing mental clutter and staying sharp and focused

  • Maintaining an awesome skin complexion - get your glow on!


Your registration includes..

  • Weekly pre-recorded webinars, diving into Ayurveda's view of nutrition & nourishment where you'll:

    • Understand the importance and role of digestive capacity in overall physical and mental health

    • Learn the (3) most common digestive problems people struggle with, why they occur, and how to prevent/correct them

    • Identify what Ayurveda considers a balanced meal

    • Understand what's the big deal about ghee and kitchari

    • Organize your kitchen and know how to shop & stock the pantry seasonally

  • A step-by-step manual providing timelines, grocery lists, recipes, tongue trackers, meal planners, and recommended reading 

  • A private WhatsApp group  gives accountability, inspiration, and peer support between live calls.

  • TUESDAY 4PM MTN, Weekly virtual sangha sessions with Kris, for group laser coaching and integration practice lab. Can't make it? No worries! They are recorded and posted to the membership page for you to access 24/7 via your dashboard.

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