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"I am so grateful for Kris.  I've had abhyanga and shirodhara in England, India, Austria etc.  I can't quite describe it, but in both sessions I felt that she had a real intuition, a great sense of compassion and respect for my body.  I have post traumatic stress disorder and after two sessions I haven't needed my Atavan, experienced a single flashback, and my nightmares have reduced greatly.  Kris and her treatments really give me hope, that combined with my current therapy, I can be free of PTSD and body dismorphia. I didn't think it would be such a large piece of my healing."      -P.P. (Cambridge, MA)


"I have had the pleasure to be introduced to Kris by one of my good friends. I saw Kris multiple times for Ayurvedic massage and healing sessions which were amazing. I also took a Pranayma (breathing techniques) course in summer 2016. I absolutely enjoyed learning from Kris while being in nature. Kris is very intuitive, patient, and very talented. I always feel completely safe and nurtured in her presence. To add to this experience, I hired Kris to be my personal yoga trainer for several sessions to deepen my practice and get back into routine. It was a phenomenal opportunity to have sessions built entirely based on my physical and emotional needs. I highly recommend Kris and her practice. Whatever service you decide to choose you will not be disappointed. - Maria S. (Somerville, MA).


"My husband and I have been going to Kris for massages for a few years now. She is an outstanding massage therapist, who knows exactly how to balance ancient Indian Ayurvedic methods to suit your body's unique needs to ultimately heal, comfort and uplift you holistically. Kris is patient, well-trained and very detail oriented!: -S.G. (Cambridge, MA)


"I have embarked on a series of deep tissue massage treatments with Kris for a specific focus related to a sports injury.  I'e seen her twice now and have been very favorably impressed with both her skill and her level of knowledge and direct experience in the anatomy of my injury and the challenges of my recovery…She has proven to be an excellent diagnostician and thoughtful in terms of matching provider skills to client needs."  

-J. Hodges (Somerville, MA)



"If you're looking for healing energy work, do check out the Ayurvedic bodywork from Kris.  I had an Abhyanga treatment.  She was thorough in preparing me for the experience, her energy ws grounded and peaceful, and the treatment was excellent."   -Jessica N. (Somerville, MA)


"I came in with two particular points of pain and marveled at how Kris was able to find them.  One in particular…inside the left abdominal wall…I think most massage therapists would not have been able to figure out.  She has a tactile sense that allows her to identify where the muscle is injured before I say anything…"

- M. Higgins (Somerville, MA)


"...Kris definitely works WITH you to get to the bottom of whatever ails you, adapting to your needs or preferences for the day. She is a great healer, listener, and knows her stuff. And if she doesn't, she's not afraid to refer you to someone else. Kris also gives me tips for my day-to-day life to help maintain the work accomplished. Yes, massage can get expensive, but if you get her e-newsletter or watch her website, she is always offering deals and packages."-Carly Z. (Boston, MA)

"I credit Kris with relieving some severe sciatica and associated problems, allowing me to join my spring hockey season.  She has a great sense of what makes up an injury - my sciatica left me with several - and honed right in on critical spots without much if any advice from me during sessions.  If I ever have any other injury which might need such therapy, I'll go to Kris."  -Sean D. (Mid-Cambridge, MA)


"I don't get massages very often but recently I saw Kris, who really helped me with soreness and weakness I was having in my arm due to repetitive strain injury.  It felt noticeably better and stronger after just one half-hour session."  -Martha S. (Somerville)


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