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Prices in red effective June 1, 2018

Abhyanga & Svedana

Value package of 3  -  75-minute Sessions:  $456 ($499)

Value package of 6  -  75-minute Sessions: $864  ($945)


Value Package of 3  - 45 minute Sessions: $300 ($308)

Value Package of 6  -  45 minute Sessions: $567 ($583)

Structural Massage 

Value Package of 3  -  60 minute Sessions: $315 

Value Package of 3  -  90 minute Sessions:  $426 ($428)

Kripalu Kula

The Kripalu Yoga Centre in Stockbridge, MA has been a second home to me.   I've experienced the most unconditional love in my life here, and frequent their world class trainings to support my personal studies.  In the spirit of Seva (service) and Kula (community of the heart), this discount gives graduates from the Kripalu schools of Ayurveda or Yoga,  15% OFF at their first visit.  


175 Elm St. Suite B2 | Somerville, MA 02144 | 617-331-6303

(Between Davis and Porter Squares)

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