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Updated: May 15, 2021

The art of living requires observation skills. If you've been feeling irritable or hyper critical, acid reflux, or rashes are flaring up on your skin, it's time to take a deeper look into your habits. Try these simple Ayurvedic tips for keeping the mind-body calm, cool, and collected.

June 1st marks the start of a new seasonal cycle in Ayurveda. We’re transitioning out of the thaw of spring and lightening the load, but we should also be preparing for nature’s warmer months and its more sharp and penetrating qualities. According to Ayurveda’s elemental theory, Fire and Water are most at play during the summer months.

It’s the time of year when the energy of the Pitta Dosha reigns – providing a strong fire to fuel the many purification and transformation processes it’s so well recognized for. Responsible for all metabolism, cognition, and understanding, the Pitta dosha brings about the qualities of light, heat, and oiliness to name a few. It represents transformation itself.

When in balance, people with a Pitta constitution have a strong power of comprehension and charisma. When imbalanced, feelings of jealousy or hate can arise – as do fire-related physical ailments in the body like arthritis, bursitis, acid reflux, psoriasis, hives, or conjunctivitis. So try these 5 Ayurvedic tips for summer and keep Pitta’s flame from burning your whole house down.

Whether you're wading in the sea or just watching it, water activities are excellent for balancing the intensity of Pitta dosha and help keep the mind-body cool and supple.

• Limit spicy, fried foods. We should already be doing this anyway, right?

• Give yourself a daily massage with coconut or sunflower oil before getting in the shower (15) fifteen minutes later to rinse. This is best done in the morning.

• Avoid prolonged sun or steam exposure – wear a hat, find some shade, limit your time in the steam room or shower to no more than (5) five minutes. Schedule your exercise for early morning when it’s cooler.

• Wear light cotton or silk clothing that is loose fitting.

• Add more cooling, bitter, or astringent foods like pears, coconuts, cukes, quinoa, and cranberries to your diet.

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